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The Get Ready Program: What is It?


Disaster professionals say the most important thing we can do is be prepared to survive for 72 hours in our homes.  This first line of defense, called “Shelter in Place”, will save the most lives.  To help you prepare, Southern Marin Fire Protection District is offering a two-hour course to teach you what to do before, during and after a regional disaster.


That’s all it takes – two hours.  You owe it to your family.  You owe it to your neighbors.  You owe it to your community.  Southern Marin is looking to become the first community in the nation to have 100% of our households certified and ready for disaster.


Access the GET READY Disaster Preparedness Program by visiting the Get Ready Marin website


The Get Ready BookGet Ready 94925 Program History

The Get Ready Program was developed by the Tiburon Peninsula Disaster Preparedness Taskforce. Members of the Task Force consisted of representatives from the City of Belvedere, Town of Tiburon, Tiburon Fire District, Tiburon Peninsula Foundation and the Belvedere Community Foundation. The Program Manual was originally created by Susan Moxen for the City of Mill Valley. It has been edited and reformatted initially for the Tiburon Peninsula resident, and eventually for all residents of Marin County.


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